Acquisition brief

  •  Receipt of customer or company requests

Phase 1: analysis

  • Definition of project requirements
  • Definition of the tasks that the object must meet, objectives and activity planning
  • Market research
  • Survey on competition, on production technologies
  • Economic analysis
  • Timing forecast, costs and investments
  • Analysis of the environment
  • Regulations and patents, antecedences (if required)
  • User analysis
  • Characteristics of primary users, ergonomic and use constraints

Phase 2: ideas design

  • Pre-studies
  • Generation and evaluation of numerous ideas, production of freehand drawings
  • Production of study models
  • Virtual prototypes for an in-depth evaluation

Phase 3: engineering

  • Identification of the best proposals
  • Engineering
  • Definition of all the technical details choosing, among a wide range of technologies, those that best meet the needs of the product and the available budget
  • Verification of compliance with the requirements
  • Functional and ergonomic analysis applied to physical prototypes that are realized with rapid prototyping technologies

Phase 4: production

  • Construction drawings
  • Product cards
  • BOM generation, production cycles
  • Installation assistance
  • The study is an intermediary between customer and manufacturer and coordinates the entire production and assembly process
  • Test assistance