Thermoplastic material products

  • Injection ( LFI, PU, PU S-RIM, PU R-RIM, ABS, PC, etc...), Thermoforming (ABS-PMMA,PEHD, etc..) , Rotational

Composite, Poliurethane, Textile, Fibre material products

  • Molded, thermocompressed, sliced, punched, laminated, sewn

Metallic material products

  • Structural frames, particular ends to themselves or assembled welded, screwed, clinched, riveted.

Assembly caliper design, equipment for dimensional verification, for handling and positioning.

Professional rendering and reverse enginnering with dedicated softwares

Managing of internal or external rapid prototyping in different materials and technologies in consideration of the construction requirements and the quantities required.

Service outsourcing management of production parts or prototypes realized for CNC milling with 3-5 axes or anthropomorphic robots, waterjet.

Outsourced service management for any machining, laser cutting, bending, welding, punching, etc.

Sub component assembling with various components such as electric / electronic elements or supporting accessories.

Finishing of the parts such as chrome plating, galvanizing, cataphoresis, painting.